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Kelty Junction 2.0 Child Carrier


Kelty is amongst the leading manufacturers of high-end backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags since 1952. The business is based in Boulder, Colorado (USA). The company was started by Dick Kelty who is considered to be the inventor of the aluminum-framed backpack. Since then Kelty has built affordable, reliable outdoor gears that include backpacks; tents and shelters; sleeping bags and pads; camping accessories; backpacks, carriers and sleeping bags for kids; and portable and folding furniture items. Kelty products are widely sold by large outdoor outfitters; and Kelty is the first company to introduce backpack style child carriers just like Junction 2.0. Few of its key features are appended below.

Key Features

Dimensions & Weight.  Item weighing 4.8 pounds occupies around 12 x 21 x 12 inches of space in total.

Capacity.  Children having weight between 16 to 30 pounds can carried in the carrier with utmost comfort and ease.

Convenience While Traveling.  It is often seen in the markets when parents are strolling the empty prams while holding the babies in their laps. This is because many kids hate prams or strollers. They wish to stay close to the parent when accompanying them outside home. Kelty Junction 2.0 Child Carrier resolves this problem amicably. The child feels more secure in the carrier and parents are free to walk free to carry the shopping bags, use ATM, move trolleys, pay dues at counters, or attend phone calls etc.

Design Features.  Material of Body fabric and accent fabric is ‘420D Polyester Ball Shadow’ and ‘420D Polyester Oxford’ respectively. Child’s seat is heavily padded with adjustable-height. Toy loops provide ready source of entertainment to the baby. Added comfort and convenience comes from organizer pocket, front storage pocket, foot-stabilizer for safe loading. Lift handles and hip-belt water bottle pocket are additional features. Besides, some of the suspension features include two-layer, padded and contoured waist-belt, padded back-panel, waist-belt storage pockets, load-lifter straps, sternum strap, and sliding waist-belt torso-length adjustment is also available. Above all five-point adjustable child’s harness ensures child’s safety at all times.

Perfectly Designed and Equipped for Hiking.  People opt to use a baby carrier for multiple purposes. Some choose it to have their babies always close to them when at home. Others may prefer it for shopping or hanging out with infants. Traveling is another business that necessitates the use of baby carriers. Similarly, picnics, mountaineering or hiking with family especially kids is also a big deal. Kelty Junction 2.0 Child Carrier always remains the first choice of all hiking lover families. In fact, design of this more product suits such adventures more than any other compatible invention.

Pros & Cons


  • Well-designed and heavily padded product offering extreme care and comfort to babies
  • Highly quality material and workmanship ensure durability and long life
  • Especially designed for long travels, hiking or mountaineering
  • Single product offers multiple choices as kids various belongings can be housed in different sections of the carrier and there is no need of extra baby bag


  • As compared to other baby carriers, which are designed for home usage, weight of this product is slightly high

Overall Review & Verdict

If you care about comfort, safety, durability with style and at low budget, Kelty Junction 2.0 Child Carrier should be your foremost choice. It is, no doubt, a highly inspiring deal, which offers you much more than you desire in single package. May it be child’s entertainment, parents’ convenience, versatility, or reliability; you are going to get all-in-one.