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BABY BJÖRN Baby Carrier Active, Dark Blue, Mesh


In 1961, Björn Jakobson started a Swedish family-owned business with the concept of making day-to-day life easier for parents of children up to three years of age by making high-quality products. Purely inspired by medical research and based on kids’ psychological values, BABY BJORN launched its first ever baby carrier back in 1973 named as “Hjärtenära” (close to heart); and thereon began the unending journey of success, quality and style. Today, a variety of BABY BJORN products are available all across the world in over 50 countries, which mainly include baby carriers, bouncers, travel cribs, cradles, high chairs and various kitchen products also.

 Key Features

Dimensions & Style.  Item in ‘Mesh’ style weighing 2.3 pounds only occupies space around 10.2 x 3.5 x 14 inches of volume in total.

Capacity.  Carrying weight capacity starts from 8 pounds; and kids as healthy as 26 pounds can easily be accommodated in the carrier.

User-friendly at Home.  Parents can conveniently roam round the house while carrying their loved ones close to their heart with hands always free to handle other domestic chores. This way the minors feel even more secure, comfortable and happier.

Easy to Use Outside Home.  The best part is that you can walk through the roads, walkways, shopping arcades, and all other public places outside your home with your hands absolutely available for carrying bags, using ATM, strolling trolleys, clearing bills at counters, attending mobile calls and the list never ends. It is rather the best solution for parents whose kids don’t like sitting in the prams at all and want their moms or dads to carry them all along.

Extra Back Support.  The product offers definite support and stability while carrying the baby with individually adjustable lumbar support. Similarly, support at the back and wide shoulder straps together provide ultimate carrying comfort by relieving undue pressure.

Grows with Your Baby.  Easily adjustable size makes the carrier fit and perfect as your baby grows in age, weight and size.

Ergonomic for Your Child.  Child’s head, back and hips stay properly supported all the time. Head support is adjustable so as to carry the baby facing forward as he or she grow older and be able to hold up his or her head.

Safety.  The company has conceived a design, which offers not only the comfort and utility; but also, it ensures child’s safety while being carried all the time and for all phases of growth. Kid’s health and body-structure related issues were given extreme consideration through in-depth screening by professional designers, testing institutes, and medical experts.

 Pros & Cons


  • Light in weight
  • Stylish (three dimensional Mesh)
  • Variable and adjustable with growing age, weight and size of baby
  • Available for indoor as well as for outdoor usage
  • Comfort for parents and babies both
  • Safe and conducive for kids posture and growing body structure


  • Only a few parents suggested that waist support should also be introduced to make the carrier even more satisfying for the parents.
  • Price is slightly higher than the conventional carriers.

Overall Review & Verdict

If you believe that BABY BJORN is the other name of style and quality; Baby Carrier Active, Dark Blue, Mesh would surely add to your trust and faith. It is, in fact, a comprehensive package blend to facilitate you and your baby at home or away for a walk, shop, fun or travel.